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EYFS Curriculum

Early Years Curriculum



The following approaches will be used to support the curriculum: 

  • High quality teaching delivering aspirational and engaging topics of learning.
  • Opportunities to inspire, ignite and develop awe and wonder through our topics and different areas of learning.
  • Variety of different learning opportunities to support and aid children’s outcomes, whole class, group work and targeted support.
  • A balance between both directed and child-initiated learning.
  • An evolving environment to support the needs and interests of the children.
  • Keyworker relationships for strong home/ school partnership. Regular key worker time to review learning and identify barriers.
  • Vocabulary rich environment where carefully chosen texts and new vocabulary can be deliberately introduced, allowing children opportunities to use and apply these.
  • Daily sessions where children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in new texts and encourage reading for pleasure.
  • Weekly opportunities to read in a range of different contexts, guided reading, 1 to 1 reading and word recall.
  • Explicit teaching of “Monster Phonics” daily.
  • Mathematics sessions taught daily


The following will support progress towards curriculum goals and a ‘good level of development’: 

  • Preschool transition information, meetings and teacher observations once started school.
  • Baseline assessment complete within 6 weeks of entry.
  • Teacher and keyworker data drops throughout the year to ensure and monitor if children are developing on track.
  • Tapestry journal for photographs and home learning.
  • Keyworker observation books to record ‘wow’ moments and engagement.
  • Development matters ‘observation points’ used to check progress.

Learning and Topic map – Autumn 1

Learning and Topic map – Autumn 2

Learning and Topic map – Spring 1