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Year 2

Indoor PE Monday morning
Outdoor Games Friday afternoon
PPA/COSMIC Wednesday afternoon
Library Friday afternoon

Year 2 – Curriculum Map 2023-24

Spring Term

Indoor P.E.

This half term, in indoor P.E., we having been learning about points of balance. We have explored 1, 2, 3 and 4 points of balance.

This week, we have used the points of balance in creative ways to show a mirror image of our friends using some apparatus.

World Book Day

We had a fantastic day sharing our favourite books and drawing pictures of them!

We created acrostic poems about family and shared these in assembly.

We read the book Elmer and designed our own Elmer’s which we enjoyed!

Our Numbots Workshop

We had a fantastic morning playing on Numbots with our families and allowing them to see our mathematical successes at school! Thank you for joining us. It was such a lovely, calm morning. 😊

Fire Service Visit

Year 2 staff arranged for the Hampshire Fire Service to come in to explore how we can stay safe in the home around fire safety. We learnt a Makaton rhyme about safety around matches and played quizzes. Some of us had the opportunity to dress up in firefighter uniforms. It was very exciting!

Welcome back!

Welcome back to school. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year with your family and friends. We are looking forward to all of the exciting things taking place in the Spring term. As we begin 2024, we wanted to update you with some key information.

Daily routines

We ask that you ensure:

  • All clothing is named before your child comes to school
  • If your child wears laced shoes, that they practise tying laces at home so that they are able to do this independently at school. If not, we’d recommend your child wears Velcro shoes to encourage independence
  • A named plastic water bottle is brought in daily
  • Reading records are brought into school daily

We would also ask for children not to bring in back packs as we have no room on pegs and have limited space. The pegs we have are only big enough to hold your child’s coats and it becomes a health & safety risk.

P.E. Days

Our P.E. days are every Monday and Friday so please make sure that your child is sent into school wearing their PE kit. On P.E. days, we kindly ask that you ensure that your child wear their normal Warren Park polo shirt and jumper or cardigan with either shorts or tracksuit bottoms (blue, grey or black preferred if possible). We would ask that children do not wear football kits. P.E. lessons will be held outside wherever possible so your child should wear suitable footwear like trainers rather than school shoes.


We would like to thank you for your support with reading so far this year! Reading in Year 2 is an absolute priority for us; it’s the key that opens the doorway to the whole curriculum. We kindly ask for your continuous effort over the rest of the year and listen to your child read at home a minimum of 3 times a week. Your child does not have to read the entire book and they can read a mixture of school and home books. Focus on a few pages and talk about the characters and plot. You might want to take it in turns to read so your child can hear how you read too! This will enable them to develop their fluency. We ask that your child brings their reading record into school daily.


Your child will come home with weekly spellings to practise at home. There are lots of fun ways to practise spellings which mirror what we do in class and these are:

  • Rainbow writing – Pyramids
  • Bubble writing SPELLING
  • Write in a sentence I’m amazing at practising my spellings.


We have introduced Numbots to the children which they have really enjoyed at school and at home! We are excited to give out certificates to children to celebrate their successes in assembly!

Individual logins and passwords were handed out in October. Please let a member of the team know if you need the login details again.

Little reminder: Please don’t allow siblings, friends or family to answer for your child, as the programme progresses at the pace of each child and we use it to support their mathematical learning needs at school. Do feel free to support your child if they’re stuck and give them encouragement to keep trying even if it takes a number of times to complete a level.

Little and often

In order to get the best out of NumBots, we recommend that children play regularly for short bursts at a time as frequently as possible.

Game Types

  1. Story Mode – the emphasis is on learning the ideas and concepts behind addition and subtraction so it features more diagrams, representations and question styles.
  2. Challenge Mode – the emphasis is more on speed of recall of key facts, like number bonds to 10, doubling small numbers or adding & taking away in your head.

Our Curriculum

During the Spring term we have lots of fantastic learning to look forward to.


We will be starting the term exploring the book, The Storm Whale where we will be working towards writing our own sequel story.


We will be starting off the term with addition and subtraction where we will be developing our fluency, reasoning and problem solving in this area. If you’d like to get started, your child can login into Numbots which will hugely support their number knowledge.


Our science learning will focus on Living Things and their Habitats, where the children will explore the concept of a habitat. They will investigate the habitats surrounding our school, including those around the Boulter Building. They will build on their understanding that all animals are dependent on their habitats for survival.


Our new History learning journey is The Titanic. Your child will be exploring different sources and develop their historical knowledge to explore whether they believe it was a triumph or a tragedy.


In our Geography learning, we are comparing our local area to Sydney in Australia. We will be exploring weather patterns and developing our knowledge of Human and Physical features.


Our R.E. concept next term is ‘Remembering’ where the children will explore what remembering means to them and then what remembering means to some Hindus during the festival of Holi.


In computing, we will be programming using the tool Scratch to write algorithms to create shapes.


We are focusing on creating patterns and composing our own melodies.


Our key skill next half term is sculpture where we will be creating a beach collage using natural materials. Alongside this, we will be studying our key artist Sharon Nolan.

Please go onto our Year 2 page on the website where there will be further information.

As always, we are always here to help! 😊

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see us and we will be more than happy to help with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your continued support.

Year 2 Team

Email the Year 2 Team at

Autumn Term Archive

Welcome to Year 2!

We have been so pleased to welcome Bumblebees and Caterpillars to Year 2. The children are settling into their new routines and new classes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support. As we begin Year 2, we wanted to update you on some key information.

We are so lucky to be surrounded by a team of dedicated and hard-working adults and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and share some key information with you.

Our Team:

Miss Heaton

Mrs Banbury

Mrs Gough

Mrs V Forster

Miss Kelsey

Mrs Plomer

Mrs Jeal (Fridays)

In Year 2, children will need:

We have limited storage space.  Please only allow your child to bring in:

  • Packed lunch box / bag (If they have packed lunch)
  • A named water bottle (needed daily)
  • A warm coat (if it is cold)
  • Reading record book

We need your help…

  • Please, no big rucksacks as we just don’t have the room.
  • We kindly ask that, if your child wears laced up shoes, that they practise tying them at home so that it gives them independence at school.
  • We kindly ask that children don’t bring in any toys or things to show and tell. This is because they might get lost or damaged.
  • Please label all clothing such as jumpers, cardigans, shoes & coats so that they can be returned to your child quickly.

COSMIC (Boulter building)Wednesday afternoons

PE days:

Indoor PE – Monday          Outside Games – Friday

We are continuing to ask that your child is sent into school wearing their PE kit on their PE days.

We kindly ask that PE kit consists of a plain polo shirt or t-shirt, worn with either shorts or tracksuit bottoms that are blue, grey or black.  Normal Warren Park sweatshirts and cardigans can be worn. We would ask that children do not wear football kits, colours other than blue/black/grey for bottoms and any clothing with motifs or labels. On PE/Games days the children must wear trainers or plimsoles not their school shoes. We have spare kit in the year group for any children that do not come in wear appropriate PE kit.

Earrings should not be worn to school on PE days. If they are newly pierced, then you should send your child in with surgical tape covering them. We only allow small stud earrings in school at any time and sleepers or dangly earrings are not permitted for health and safety reasons.


Reading is an absolute top priority for us; it’s the key that opens the doorway to the whole curriculum. We ask that you support our work in school by hearing your child read at home as often as possible. Our school home reading policy states that all children should read to an adult at least three times a week at home. Reading a few pages and discussing what they have read will really support the work we are doing in class. We ask that children bring their reading record in everyday, we will record their weekly reads on a Wednesday and then reading will be celebrated and rewarded on a Friday in class. The school has made a huge investment into reading books again this year and we ask you to value the books at home as much as we do in school. Any lost/damaged books will need to be replaced at a cost of £3.50 per reading book and £1.50 for a lost Reading Record.


Your child will be given new spellings weekly to practise at home. Please help them practise these as it makes a HUGE difference to their writing.

Just a reminder about our start times; gates open at 8:40 and we will open our classroom doors at 8:45. For pick-up the gates open at 3:05 and we will open our doors at 3:15. We ask that no parents are on site until gates are officially opened.

We are looking forward to working together over the coming year to achieve the best for your child.  Whilst we make every effort to answer questions at drop-off and pick-up, we might not always be able to chat at these times.  If we are unable to answer questions at these times, we can also be contacted by email or phone so please don’t hesitate to write or call if there is something you would like to discuss.

We look forward to a fantastic year ahead,

The Year 2 Team

We are super excited to have you joining us in Year 2 in September and we hope you are too! We have heard from your Year 1 teachers that you have worked very hard this year so we cannot wait for you to WOW us with your work next year! In Year 2, we explore interesting topics in our Wider Curriculum such as The Great Fire of London, Titanic, plants, Diwali, seasons and many more! While we are busy preparing for next year, there are a few things you can help us with too! Whilst on your summer break, learn to tie your shoelaces independently, enjoy lots of books and continue to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Additionally, while you are getting your uniform ready for the year ahead, remember to buy a suitable P.E. kit and trainers for P.E. days. Remember, there are a few things you will need to bring into school daily. These are your reading record with a reading book, which can be kept safe in a book bag and a named water bottle. We hope you have a lovely summer and enjoy spending time in the sunshine and fresh air. Have fun, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you refreshed and ready to get stuck into Year 2.