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At Warren Park, we believe that our Religious Education curriculum allows pupils to develop secure knowledge and understanding of the religious and non-religious traditions that have shaped our local and global communities. The learning opportunities allow children to see the diversity of the religious traditions in the world and provide support as they make sense of their own place in society. We follow the Hampshire agreed syllabus, Living Difference, which reflects the fact that Christianity is the main religious tradition in Great Britain and also considers the traditions of other religions represented within our country. Our aim is to support children in the development of their own values and contributions to the promotion of British Values.


Our RE curriculum is taught through a concept cycle during a week block of sessions at a time that aligns with the festivals and celebrations of the traditions being taught. Presenting the learning in this way provides the children with the opportunity to learn about events and traditions when they are happening, enabling them to develop a wider view of the world and what is happening at various times for different people. Throughout the RE learning journey, children experience three types of knowledge;

  • Substantive knowledge – knowledge about various religious and non-religious traditions
  • Ways of knowing – pupils learn ‘how to know’ about religion and non-religion
  • Personal knowledge – pupils build an awareness of their own assumptions and values about the religious and non-religious traditions they study

The ‘Living Difference’ syllabus allows us to deliver an ambitious curriculum which has been designed to give learners the knowledge they need to succeed in life. The subject knowledge allows children to explore a range of topics where they can interpret and respond to a variety of concepts, beliefs and practices within different religions, cultures and ways of life. In great detail, we have carefully considered the building blocks of knowledge within our RE curriculum and the specific planning required for our pupils to successfully access the learning. We aim to provide meaningful discussions and experiences, ensuring learning is relevant and enabling pupils to develop their own views and opinions. As children progress through the learning journey they will be exposed to examples of a range of religious stories, festivals, artefacts, places of worship, rituals and beliefs which will support them to interpret and evaluate relevant concepts. At Warren Park we strive to promote respectful attitudes, tolerance and an understanding for the beliefs of other faiths.


Children at Warren Park build strong building blocks of knowledge of Christian traditions and other principal religious traditions that are represented in Great Britain. The children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is supported throughout the learning journey as they develop their recognition of different people’s values, feelings, faith and ways of living. Teachers assess pupil’s understanding at each stage of the concept cycle to identify and address misconceptions as they occur, ensuring pupils receive accurate representations of the religious traditions they study.

As stated by the current guidelines, a parent can request for their child to be wholly or partly excused from religious education and religious worship in the school. This will need to be discussed with the headteacher.

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