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Year 1

Indoor PE Wednesday afternoon
Outdoor Games Thursday afternoon
PPA/COSMIC Monday afternoon
Library Tuesday afternoon

Year 1 – Curriculum Map 2023-24

Spring Term

Phonics – Week 10 – 11th March 2024

Phonics – Week 9 – 4th March 2024

Phonics – Week 7 – 19th February 2024

Phonics – Week 6 – 5th February 2024

Phonics – Week 4 – 22nd January 2024

Phonics – Week 3 – 15th January 2024

Phonics – Week 2 – 8th January 2024

Phonics – Week 1 – 1st January 2024

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Monster Phonics Archive

Phonics – Week 8 – 30th October

Phonics – Week 9 – 6th November

Phonics – Week 10 – 13th November

Phonics – Week 11 – 20th November

Phonics – Week 12 – 27th November

Phonics – Week 1 – 1st January 2024

Phonics – Week 2 – 8th January 2024

Phonics – Week 3 – 15th January 2024

Phonics – Week 4 – 22nd January 2024

Phonics – Week 6 – 5th February 2024

Phonics – Week 7 – 19th February 2024

Autumn Term Archive

Milestones Living History Museum

Our history learning has taken us on a journey from A VERY LONG TIME AGO, LONG AGO, all the way to NOW. We have been learning all about toys, whilst also making comparisons about life in our living memory and beyond.

We had the amazing opportunity to visit the incredible Milestones Living History Museum, where we walked into life spanning back many decades. We were able to see, live and breathe what life would have been like beyond our living memory, as well as what it was like for our Great/Grandparents. We took part in learning workshops, where we played games from A LONG TIME AGO. These were both physical and imaginative. We then sorted, classified and organised toys into characteristics from their time; handmade, materials, movement, feel, mechanical and so forth

And just like that… We’re back.

Firstly, we would like to say a massive hello to all of our wonderful new children and parents.

We are privileged to be surrounded by a team of dedicated and hard-working adults, which is what helps Warren Park truly be one of a kind. Helping make Year One extra special are:

Mrs Lippett– in the Willow class.

Miss Bentley – in Monkey Trees.

Mr Wood – here, there and everywhere.

And our wonderful learning support assistants:

Mrs Brewer, Mrs Braiden, Mrs Cha Cha and Mr Oakshot (Monday am & Friday).

 A little bit about our routines…

  • COSMIC & BOULTER BUILDING – Monday afternoons.
  • Reading – we ask that children bring books in everyday to be looked at and changed.

In Year One, children will need:

  • A named water bottle – preferably strong as they get dropped, A LOT!
  • A named book bag – this is so important as lots will be coming to and from school.

A little plea for help…

We kindly ask that children don’t bring in any toys or things to show and tell. This is because they get lost, damaged, borrowed, chewed, trodden on and this results in very sad little ones.

  • Please, no big rucksacks as we just don’t have the room.
  • We kindly ask that, if your child wears laced up shoes, that they practise tying them at home so that it gives them independence at school.
  • Please label all clothing such as jumpers, cardigans, shoes & coats so that they can be returned to your child quickly.

Start and end of day…

  • Children will be allowed to go straight into class, at 8:45 from the playground- there is no need for them to line up.
  • There will be an adult on the playground at both ends of the day. Please feel free to talk to any member of Year One as we all work very closely together but please don’t come past the Yellow line or into the classrooms.


Indoor PE – Wednesday                   Outside Games – Thursday

We are continuing to ask that your child is sent into school wearing their PE kit on their PE days.

We kindly ask that PE kit consists of a plain white polo shirt or t-shirt, worn with either shorts or tracksuit bottoms (blue, grey or black preferred if possible).

Normal Warren Park sweatshirts and cardigans can be worn. We would ask that children do not wear jeans on PE days and no football kits are allowed. PE lessons will be held outside wherever possible so your child should wear their trainers rather than school shoes. Please remember that your child will remain in this kit throughout the day. Earrings should not be worn to school on PE days. If they are newly pierced then you should send your child in with surgical tape covering them. We only allow small stud earrings in school at any time and sleepers or dangly earrings are not permitted for health and safety reasons.

Reading in Year One…

All children should now be bringing home their new Home Reading Record for the year. These Home Reading Records have been professionally designed and printed and I’m sure you’ll agree that they look fantastic.  But ‘fantastic’ comes at a cost with each Reading Record costing the school £1.50 apiece.  It doesn’t seem much but multiply that by 420 odd copies and it starts to get pricey. Therefore, there will not be the endless replacement of lost or damaged Reading Records this year as we simply do not have resources for this. We kindly ask that these Home Reading Records are carefully looked after – along with the reading book that they will accompany.  The school has made a huge investment into reading books again this year and we ask you to value the books at home as much as we do in school.

Reading books are checked in and out by the Year One Staff. Any lost/damaged books will need to be replaced at a cost of £3.50 per book and £1.50 for a lost Reading Record.

 Monster Phonics.

In Year One, our phonics is all about the monsters and the children will be using these throughout their Warren Park journey. In order to support your child’s learning in school, we will be sending home books linked to the sounds that they have learnt within a given week. Therefore, we ask and plead that all books are kept safe and returned daily. This is so that we can use the appropriate books to support all children in the year. Sadly, if they don’t come back, it really has a negative impact on children’s ability to read the books that they need.

Last but not least…

We are here to help! This can always be an unsettling time for our little ones and parents as everything is new. We will be working hard to settle everyone into the new routines and expectations of Year One but this can take time. Sometimes it’s easy to worry about the small things but rest assured, we will probably have it covered. Our words of wisdom are these… Hakuna Matata – it means no worries. So, if something has gone a little wrong or things are becoming tricky, please come and tell us so that we can do what we can. Happy children and happy parents means everyone is happy all around.

We live and breathe our mottos in Year One so please feel free to re-enforce these at home 😊.

‘It’s ok’, to be scared, to be worried, to be nervous but give your worries to us.

Worry Monsters – every time you have the butterflies in your tummy – give them away to the worry monsters.

Hakuna Matata – it means no worries.

Kind hands & Kind words – we are kind with everything that we do, if not, then it’s not ok.

We look forward to another fantastic year,

The Year One team 😊

Welcome to all of our wonderful little people, we are very excited to welcome you to Year One. Just like in Reception, you will have a coat peg and drawer label and lots of adults to help you. All the amazing adults will be there, to make sure that you have a lovely time and everyone is always here to help if things are a little tricky. New things can sometimes can be a little scary but we want you not to worry, we even have our own Year One moto, Hakuna Matata – it means no worries. In Year one, we will help you to learn about many wonderful new things, from how we use our senses, to learning about a wonderful lady called Mary Anning. We promise, laughter, fun and many exciting memories. There are even amazing places to visit and new adventures to be had. After all of this, we always have a little time left for playtime too! We and the Worry Monsters can’t wait to meet you! Now have an amazing summer and we will see you soon.