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Visitors Information

Safeguarding Information for Visitors

People working in schools and those who visit are uniquely placed to notice signs and symptoms of abuse.

If you have any concerns about the welfare of a child/children and/or anything you experience or witness during your visit please ask to speak to one of our Safeguarding Leads:

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL): Lynne Lofting Deputy Head and SENCO

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads (DDSL): Elizabeth Cooper – Headteacher, James Wood – Year 1 lead, Mrs Kathryn Banbury – Year 2 teacher.

What to do if a child approaches you:

Remember that it is hard for a child to disclose and they may only ever do so once. They have chosen to disclose to you.

Do not promise confidentiality – explain you will need to talk to someone else.

Listen non-judgementally and stay calm and controlled. Try not to show shock.

Ask open questions to clarify but do not investigate – use what, when, where, how, tell, explain, describe but don’t ask why as it implies guilt on the child’s part.

Inform a DSL or DDSL immediately.

As soon as possible and before the end of the school day, record the concerns using a body map if necessary. Use the child’s words, note context, time and date, avoid judgements and opinions and sign and date your statement.

You may wish to use the acronym TED to help clarify the details of what is being said: TELL, EXPLAIN, DESCRIBE. You can say ‘Do you want to tell me anything else?’ Questions should only be used for clarification and information gathering.

Safeguard yourself and speak with a child in a location where you can be viewed. It may be appropriate to keep doors open when speaking with a child and this can sometimes help to reassure them.

If in doubt discuss your concern with a DSL/DDSL

For more information on Safeguarding please visit the Safeguarding page of our website.

Other useful contacts:

In the case of an emergency, suspecting that a child may be at risk of immediate significant harm or a suspicion/disclosure relating to Female Genital Mutilation you must contact the police on 999.

Hampshire Children’s Services

Office hours – 0300 555 1384

Out of hours – 0300 555 1373

You can also email Children’s Services at

When you sign in as a visitor to our school, you are also signing to confirm that you have read and understood the contents of this information leaflet and understood the school policies and procedures for safeguarding.

Copies of all our safeguarding polices are on the school website and are available from the school office. Please also refer to our safeguarding prompt sheet.

Safeguarding concerns about a member of staff:

It may be that whilst visiting our school you observe a member of staff or adult working with a child/children and you may be concerned about their interaction with them. You may overhear something or see something which makes you feel uncomfortable. It is important that you report these concerns to the Headteacher as soon as possible. If the Headteacher is not available ask for the Deputy Head or if your concern is about the Headteacher, please ask for contact details for the Chair of Governors.

It is important to remember that it is not your responsibility to investigate concerns regarding Safeguarding and Child Protection, only to report them to a named DSL/DDSL.

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