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Parents Evening

We have an online booking system for Parents’ Evenings that will open for bookings on

Please go to:

to see which appointments are available and select one that is convenient for you.

You will need:
Your child’s first name and legal surname (as they were registered when they joined school)
Your child’s date of birth
Your child’s class name and/or the name of the teacher you would like to see.


Year R  – – – Cactus
  – – – Snapdragons
Year One – – – Monkey Trees
– – – Willows
Year Two – – – Bumble Bees
– – – Caterpillars
Year Three – – – Alligators
– – – Crocodiles
Year Four – – – Mackerels
– – – Guppies
Year Five – – – Owls
– – – Puffins
Year Six – – – Dolphins
– – – Baboons

Troubleshooting Tips – Please Read before Booking!

  • To login you need to enter the details we have on record for you and your child. If you have recently changed your title or surname, for example, and not informed us, we will be expecting you to login with the details we have on record.
  • The child’s date of birth has to be entered in exactly the right format e.g using four digits for the year of birth –  12/09/2009
  • The email address you enter is only used to receive a confirmation of your appointment. If the system gives you an error when you login, it will not be the email address that is the problem.
  • When you log in you will see ‘buttons’ for your child’s class and below this the booking times for each of the evenings available.
  • Don’t forget to scroll down past the first evening to the second or third evening if a suitable time is not available on the first evening.

If you are unable to book at home, please telephone or call into the office and a member of the office staff will book the appointments on your behalf.

Yours faithfully


E Cooper