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Physical Education is an integral part of a broad and balanced curriculum at Warren Park Primary School, a vital part of school life, and ultimately the children’s future well-being. We aim to give ALL children the opportunity to experience and excel in a broad range of physical activities. Throughout their journey, they will have ample opportunity, both in school and as part of extra-curricular provision, to engage in competitive sports and activities. This will allow our children to celebrate not only their triumphs, but their sportsmanship and conduct also. Being active has never been more important so we aim to ensure that children are physically active for sustained periods of time in each and every PE lesson. It is our goal that our children lead healthy, active lifestyles and we aim to give them ample opportunity to understand how to take care of themselves both physically and mentally in order to be successful as adults.


At Warren Park, the children will receive high quality PE lessons which are mapped out in a way that allows for a range of sports and activities to be experienced. We work with an overarching focus in each term to ensure full coverage in line with the National Curriculum and following ‘The Power of PE’. To ensure the provision is of the highest quality, ALL teachers are exposed to regular training from both the subject lead and external experts. To ensure all staff are developing their PE knowledge and ability, they are in regular contact with the PE lead throughout the year.

Each year group will receive two hours of PE each week comprising both an indoor and outdoor session with additional extra-curricular activities running throughout the year. In addition to this, swimming is taught in Year Three before being re-assessed in Year Six, with the children spending a term each (in Year Three) at the pool in order to achieve the required distance of 25m.

Throughout the year, children will have the opportunities to participate in a number of inter-school competition through the school’s partnership with the Hampshire School Games programme.


Our extensive PE curriculum will impact greatly on our children’s ability to acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to make appropriate choices about their physical and mental health.  The curriculum will develop positive self-awareness in children as they become physically competent in a range of sports and activities. They will also demonstrate a healthy attitude to competition, showing respect for individuals, teams, officials and coaches. Warren Park ensure that ALL children will progress, having been assessed against the progressive statements provided by ‘The Power of PE’ which link back to the National Curriculum.

Our commitment to our children and the wider community will be recognised be the ‘Hampshire School Games’




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