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Dental Helpline

Wessex Dental Helpline

Telephone 111 for the following:
  • Obtaining NHS emergency or routine dental care
  • Advice on dental-related matters and dental policies

Mental Health Support Team

MHST Newsletter December 2023

MHST Newsletter April 2023

MHST Newsletter September 2022

MHST PRIDE Newsletter June 2022

MHST Newsletter Primary October 2021

Family Support

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Flu immunisation

The electronic consent system for the school is now closed. For those parents/carers who missed the deadline for the school session and still wish to consent for their child to receive the nasal flu vaccination, access to the system is now open. You will be able to fill in a consent form and book a community clinic appointment. Once a form has been submitted for your child, you will receive an email confirmation including a booking reference, this booking reference needs to be used to make an appointment at a clinic. To book your appointment please follow the link in the confirmation email.

Parents only need to complete 1 consent form per child and use the school code: SH115991

Invasive Group A Streptococcus (iGAS)

UKSHA Update

Click on the link above for the latest data from the UK Health Security Agency.

There is also a fact sheet on the link below

Fact Sheet for Schools, parents and carers – Invasive Group A Streptococcus & Scarlet Fever – November 2022

What 0-18 NHS link about Scarlet Fever with pictures

Click here for the latest letter to parents – 06/12/2022