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WK1 to 4 / Geography / Local Studies

Understanding Our Locality and Where We Are in the World

Over the next four weeks the children will get involved with be discovering the Geography of their local area. In our Geography lessons, we will investigate the exploration of the UK and our immediate surroundings, emphasising the importance of understanding and appreciating our remarkable country and local communities. By digging into the geography of the UK and our locality, we aim to foster a sense of belonging, pride, and global awareness

Our journey will involve immersive experiences in our local area, including visits to historic sites such as castles, immersion in local traditions, and interactions with community members sharing stories about the geography of our area. Through these experiences, students will realize the wealth of knowledge and beauty right at their doorstep.

Children will come to understand that, by familiarizing themselves with their local area, they can forge deeper connections to the community, value its unique attributes, and actively participate in enhancing its quality of life.

Years 1 and 2: Over Arching Question:

Why does my local area change so much?

In our exploration of the school and the local area, we have explored who uses various geographical resources. By observing and discussing the purposes of these resources, such as parks, roads, and buildings, we’ve gained insight into how our community functions. Additionally, we’ve learned to use maps as tools to illustrate the locations of these resources, helping us navigate and communicate our understanding effectively. Through these activities, we’ve not only enhanced our spatial awareness but also developed a deeper appreciation for the community and our surroundings. We’ve discovered how different parts of our community serve diverse needs and how they contribute to shaping our daily lives. This hands-on exploration has fostered curiosity, critical thinking, and a sense of responsibility towards our local environment.

Key Concept and Retrieval Questions:

How has exploring the local area and school helped in understanding the use of geographical resources?

What role do maps play in explaining the locations of various resources in the community?

How has our geography helped you to appreciation the local environment?

Years 3 and 4: Over Arching Question:

What is unique about our local area?

In our exploration of settlements and their relevance to our local area, we have looked at the geographical characteristics that define various environments, including woodlands and wetlands, and examined the processes that shape them. By understanding the formation of these environments, we’ve gained insights into the future development of a wetland in our community. Through working with Portsmouth Water and Future Water, we have explored the rationale behind significant infrastructure projects, like the construction of a new reservoir in our area. This discussion with the representative (Lizzie) has deepened our understanding of the factors influencing local development decisions and the importance of considering everyone’s perspectives. Additionally, discussions about stakeholder participation have empowered us to recognise our role in shaping the future of our community. By voicing our opinions and concerns, we’ve learned how collective action can influence planning processes and promote sustainable development that aligns with the needs and values of our local area.

Key Concept and Retrieval Questions:

How has the exploration of different environments, such as woodlands and wetlands, contributed to understanding the geographical characteristics of our local area?

What insights were gained from the visit by Portsmouth Water representatives regarding the construction of a new reservoir in our area?

How has learning about stakeholders and their roles influenced our understanding of community development and planning decisions for our local area?

Years 5 and 6: Over Arching Question:

In our exploration of the UK’s position in Europe and its geographical features, we have compared and contrasted our country with other parts of Europe. We’ve learned that the UK is a large island and several smaller ones. Through studying landmarks like the Giant’s Causeway and Edinburgh Castle, we have discovered the rich diversity of geographical features within the UK. Building upon this understanding, we have investigated the proposed development of a reservoir in our local area. Engaging with stakeholders such as Portsmouth Water and Future Water, we’ve visited the site and discussed the project’s significance. Additionally, we’ve broadened our perspective by examining other reservoirs across the UK and even mapped out potential routes for future field studies, we may need more than a week though! This enquiry has deepened our appreciation for both the unique features of our local area and the broader geographical context of the UK within Europe.

Why do we need reservoirs in the UK? and How will ours compare to other reservoirs in the UK?

Key Concept and Retrieval Questions:

How does the UK’s geography, including its large and smaller islands, contribute to its unique characteristics compared to other parts of Europe?

What are some examples of distinctive geographical features within the UK, and how do they shape the landscape?

How has the exploration of the reservoir development in the local area and who are the stakeholders?