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WK 4-5 Art / Artists and Sketch Books

Meet Alexandra Kehayoglou, a talented artist who loves to make art with fabric, just like us! She lives in a place called Buenos Aires in Argentina. Using machines and her clever hands, Alexandra creates amazing carpets and tapestries that are totally special and totally different each time.

What’s incredible is that she recycles old fabric and dyes it to make her art. Some of her art has even been shown in fancy fashion shows in a city called Paris! She gets her ideas from famous paintings and the beautiful nature around her, like rivers and landscapes.

But Alexandra’s art isn’t just about looking good—it’s also about making people care about our planet. She’s made art about a river in her country that’s going to change because of a big dam. Just like us, she wants everyone to understand how our actions can affect the Earth. She uses her art to spread this important message, and we’re going to do something cool like that too!

So, let’s get inspired by Alexandra Kehayoglou and use our own creativity to make a positive difference in our world

Years 1 and 2:

Each child was provided with a sheet containing a simple outline of a fabric design. With excitement and eagerness, students delved into the task, exploring their artistic flair with a palette of vibrant colours. They eagerly experimented with different hues, shades, and tones, infusing life into their fabric design plans.

Children embraced the opportunity to unleash their creativity, brainstorming unique colour combinations and intricate patterns. From bold contrasts to subtle gradients, each student’s design reflected their individual style and vision.

Through hands-on exploration, they discovered how colours interacted with each other, learning the importance of balance, harmony, and contrast in creating visually interesting designs.

Key Concept and Retrieval Questions:

Describe how you experimented with their fabric designs.

What was something new you discovered about colours during the lesson?

Can you explain why it was important to use a variety of colours and patterns in their fabric designs?

Years 3 and 4:

Videos from the Artists website were used to introduce the artist Alexandra Kehayoglou to the class. The teacher led an engaging session where key vocabulary terms such as ‘hue’, ‘shade’, ‘tint’, ‘texture’, ‘pattern’, and ‘design’ were introduced, accompanied by clear definitions. This ensured that students grasped the essential terminology associated with fabric design, setting the stage for deeper exploration.

We looked at a variety of fabric designs that effectively use colour and texture. Students were enthralled as they examined examples ranging from famous artworks to everyday clothing and traditional textiles. Through this visual journey, students gained insight into how colour choices and textural elements can impact the overall look and feel of a fabric design.

We looked at how colours can evoke different emotions and moods. Students participated, sharing their interpretations and observations. Additionally, the teacher demonstrated how varying textures can enhance visual interest and tactile appeal in fabric designs, encouraging students to consider the interplay between colour and texture in their own creative designs.

Key Concept and Retrieval Questions:

What key vocabulary terms were introduced during the session, and why were they important?

Describe some examples of fabric designs that were examined during the lesson.

How did the teacher demonstrate the impact of colour and texture on fabric designs?

Years 5 and 6:

Videos from the Artists website were used to introduce the artist Alexandra Kehayoglou, showing a visual journey through her remarkable creations. We the looked at exploring how colour and texture could stir emotions, ignite curiosity, and infuse depth into fabric designs. Engaging examples were shared, prompting discussions about how various hues and textures influenced the overall aesthetic appeal of the artworks. drawing connections to Kehayoglou’s innovative work inspired by aerial views.

Encouraged to unleash their imaginations, they embarked on the exciting task of envisioning and planning their own fabric designs. Armed with a colourful array of drawing materials—ranging from vibrant coloured pencils to rich pastels—they eagerly experimented with different colour palettes and textural techniques. They explored the transformative power of colour and texture, discovering how subtle shifts in shade or the addition of tactile elements could change the visual impact of their designs. It was a hands-on journey of exploration and expression, as each student translated their unique visions into vibrant fabric designs, inspired by the artistic legacy of Alexandra Kehayoglou.

Key Concept and Retrieval Questions:

What were some of the ways in which colour and texture were discussed in relation to fabric designs during the lesson?

How did you experiment with different colour palettes and textural techniques in your own fabric design planning?