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Longitudinal Study – Science

Spring 2 sees the start of the changes that Spring brings. Each year group will hopefully see significant differences in their data and be able to draw some conclusions from it.

Year 1. How has the OC changed with the seasons?

What plants did you spot?

How have the trees changed?

Were there any animals or mini beasts to beasts?

Year 2. How can I prove what animals live in the OC environment?

What animals did you see?

Where did you find them?

What evidence did you find that proves animals live in the OC?

Year 3. How do the plants in the OC support the animals living there?

What plant life is available at this time?

Which animals did you find?

How are the plants supporting the animals you found?

Year 4. What is the top predator in the OC and why has it chosen to live here?

Can you identify a food chain that exists in the OC?

Which category do they belong to, consumers, producers or decomposers?

Year 5. Do all living things start and end in the same way?

Year 5 planted their garlic bulb into the veg bed.

How has your garlic bulb changed?

What do you think will happen next?

Year 6. How much do we grow over the year?

As well as taking measurements for their data year 6 looked into circulation and lungs and breathing.

What are the differences between arteries, veins and capillaries?

What is your resting pulse?

How did your body change after running?

What do your lungs do?

Why do we have a rib cage and sternum?