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WK1 – PSHE -Respecting Ourselves and Others

In PSHE our learning focus has been RESPECT. We have been looking at our expectations of RESPECT as individuals, as a school and the wider community. We have explored how being treated with respect makes us feel and why it is important to show respect to others. As well as discussing the language and emotions we have given children an opportunity to test respect to each other whilst completing some difficult team challenges.

In addition to this all groups were introduced to their Science Enquiries and the children shared their thoughts on what their longitudinal studies might look like over the year. We will be doing more on this over the next few weeks.

The children also had their first session learning about British Values and how this is going to be approached in COSMIC sessions. The children will explore British Values using picture news which allows the children to discuss a recent news story linked to a question.

Years 1 and 2:

In this session we modelled to the children, how to show respect in the classroom and to respect each other. The children communicated about how they show respect to each other if they need someone to play with or if someone is talking to them by giving them eye contact. The children then thought about how to respect the classroom after an Art activity by tidying up and everyone should help to keep the classroom tidy.

In Year 2 we discussed differences people that like and do that are different from each other. We spoke about what we did at the weekends, what was our favourite subject and things we don’t like.

Retrieval Questions and key vocab:

Can you tell me what respect means?

How would you show respect if someone was talking to you?

Tell me how it feels if someone is disrespectful to you?

Key vocab: behaviour school kind feelings respect polite rules sharing classmates, friends, common, differences, groups, situations, discussions, reasons

Years 3

In this session we recognised where we have experienced kindness and we gave examples of these. We then discussed that kindness is linked to respect and respectful behaviour and we would need to model respectful behaviour when taking part in activities.

Retrieval Questions and key vocab:

Can you recognise respectful behaviour?

How would you show kindness at school, at home or online?

Tell me how people should be polite and respectful to each other?

Key vocab: respect, help, responsible, self-respect, polite, cultures, society

Years 4

With Year 4 we watched 2 videos of referees, one in football and one in rugby. We discussed the feelings and emotions when playing sports and the emotions shown towards the referee. We thought that in football the players were angrier and more aggressive towards the referee if he made the wrong decision. Whereas in rugby it was calmer and the players would listen to the referee and did not speak to him in an aggressive way. We discussed that respect needs to be shown in towards other people even if we don’t always agree with their actions.

Retrieval Questions and key vocab:

Can you show respect to everyone all the time?

How would you show respect to a referee?

Tell me how we can be respectful when playing games with our friends?

Key vocab: recognise, values, respect, differences, include

Years 5:

We are thought about what it means to belong and how we can help people to feel that they belong. Have we all done enough to show new members of our class to make them feel like they belong. We talked about that showing them kindness and being friendly that might help them settle in, but also showing them respect that they might not want to always join in and be respectful to what they need.

Retrieval Questions and key vocab:

Can you describe the difficulties that people may face when they move to a new place?

How would you show that you are respectful to someone else’s feeling regardless of where they are from?

Tell me how can you be sensitive and kind towards someone who is new to my school?

Key vocab: treated, equally, respect, discrimination, bullying, online, report, safety

Years 6: In Year 6 we looked at scenarios where you have to compromise to take on board the views of others and collaborate to achieve a goal. How does it feel to work with other people? We discussed what we need to do with others to work well as a team, how we speak to people and listening to each other is really important.

Retrieval Questions and key vocab:

How did working collaboratively help you achieve your desired outcome?

How did your different personalities affect your collaborative working?

How do we show respectful behaviour to our team mates?

Key vocab: values, behaviours, respect, disagreements, conflict, views, listen