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PSHE – Emotions

This week we are discussing and reflecting on feelings and emotions. Although, in definition they are similar. While emotions start as sensations in the body caused by neurophysiological changes, feelings are generated from our thoughts about those emotions.

Yr1/2; first the children made a list of all the emotions they could think of. We developed words like happy and sad while checking their understanding. Using the word list the children demonstrated how they would react to these feelings. Additionally, yr2 had Maz the alien and a list of opportunities for him. The children said which feeling or emotion Maz might have for each statement.

How would you show you were feeling miserable?

How might your body react if you were embarrassed?

Which feeling best describes how you feel now?

What feeling could make you cry?

Can you think of another word for sad?

Yr3/4: discussed everyday feelings. Using a timeline for Ziggy they thought about how many times in one day Ziggy’s emotions and feelings may change. The children also discussed the best way to manage these feelings and emotions. The day can get better or worse and somethings we can control and some we can’t. The children had various statements that they used to discuss and decide where they thought that statement belonged. Yr4 had a variety of feelings and emotions which they put in what they considered same group order.

Have you done a timeline for your day?

What have you noticed, if anything?

Can you think of any strategies that may help you control your emotions?

Which selection of words did you put together?

Yr5/6: What is mental health? This is the question that the children were working towards getting a better understanding of. First, they made a graffiti wall using words and emojis to show what feelings and emotions they think are associated with mental health. They discussed signs of well being in body as well as in mind.

How do we know if someone feels good?

How do we know if someone does not feel good?

Do not hesitate to talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling or there is the


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