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History Conclusion

Our final field trip enabled the children to collate all their information and draw conclusions from the facts gathered.

Years 1/2: using the photographs from past and present as well as their information gathered on the field trip the children then answered the original history question, why was Leigh Park built? They discussed whether their answer was based on fact or opinion, what physical evidence they had and if their historical understanding was based on other people’s research.

What facts did you find the most interesting?

Where did you find these facts?

How do you think Leigh Park may change in the future?

Years 3/4: went to Havant train station and then to the museum.  To answer their question, how would you get to London between 1860-1960? They recorded the train and buses by writing times, departures and destinations. They discussed other forms of transport that may enable travellers to go further afield.

What could you travel on once you were in Portsmouth?

Were these forms of transport available between your given timeline?

Where might you be able to get to from London and how?

The museum offered a fantastic timeline and travel information which gave the children a vast amount of information. As well as reading they listened to audio information.

What was the name of the railway line to Hayling?

What form of transport was available in the 1900s?

Years 5/6 also visited the museum, but they wanted to find out where people could get help.

Where could people get help?

Is that help still available today?

What evidence have you collected to support your answer?

Can you give a few examples of where you would go today for help?

The children went through Havant town looking for physical evidence.

What physical evidence did you find?

Where in Havant can you get help now?