Listen, Think, Learn & Enjoy . . .


This Summer term is the time for the other class in each year to experience their history field trip.

Years 1/2. Why was the school built?

Using this question, our local study included a field trip around the perimeter of the school looking at the buildings including the church and the shops.

What is the oldest house you could find?

What is the newest house you could find?

Can you explain the evidence you found to back your answer up?

Why were the church and the shops built?

Has the Warren always had people living there?

Years 3/4. How would you get to London in 1860-1960?

The children walked around Havant railway station and the Hayling Billy line.

What evidence did you find that this is a train station?

How do you know there used to be a railway line on the Hayling Billy line?

Years 5/6. Where did people go if they needed help? The time line for this enquiry is 1900-2000.

Starting at the police station in Havant the children went to the job centre, health centre, church, and civic offices.

Are these buildings old or new?

What evidence did you find to support this?

Why are all these places near each other?