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Geography Conclusion

We concluded our Geography Investigation over the last two weeks. In these sessions the children gathered more evidence and used their Geography skills to make comparisons. Then they went back out on Local study trips to check their findings and predictions.

Years 1 and 2: ‘All beaches are the same’

In class the children continued to research different types of beaches, both in the UK and South America. The children looked at factors such as the physical and human features. They also used weather apps to look at the weather in the different locations. As a group they decided that they would take some of the images that they had found of other beaches and make comparisons with Emsworth.

On their field study the children were taken to Emsworth to look at the physical and human features of the beach. Unfortunately, the weather was too windy to allow them to get out of the mini buses to investigate. We parked at different areas of the shore line and discussed what they could see and how it was either the same or different than other beaches.

Are all the beaches the same?

What differences did you spot?

What similarities did you see?

Years 3 and 4: ‘Is Portsmouth the gateway to the world?

The children looked at the similarities and differences between Havant town and Portsmouth city. Using the knowledge that they gathered in the last session they were able to highlight the facilities that meant the difference between the two types of settlement. We looked at why people from around the world have chosen to live in Portsmouth.

We had planned to visit Southsea Seafront and the Hover Station but due to very high winds our field trip to the hovercraft and Portsmouth had to be cancelled and we had to plan a different venue. We went to Havant train station first and recorded the direction and the frequency of the trains. We then walked to the bus station where the children could watch from a distance and record the buses destinations and departures. The children were trying to see how far they might be able to travel from Havant town.

Years 5 and 6: ‘Are all rivers and water sources the same?’.

The children continued to explore the different Rivers in the UK and the rest of the world. They used a mixture of Geography resources to locate and explore the features of different rivers. They explored the similarities and differences between rivers, beyond location and environment (like; waterfalls, sources, meanders etc.). They were able to look at the facilities and changes to human features around rivers; bridges, mills, tourism etc.

On their field study the children walked along the hermitage stream. They discussed the direction of the flow, where the stream went and where it finally flows into. We also discussed the habitats, wildlife and fauna. The children also discussed what impact the new reservoir would have on local water sources and whether this would be a positive or negative.

Are all water sources the same?

What is your evidence for your answer?

Can you list some of the wildlife and fauna that was discussed?